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Why people love our education solutions?

We firmly believe in solving common problems of our education community. Most of the educators are always lost amongst complexities of technologies that hinders their core potential to outreach masses. Onviteach is a product of Unilakes that mainly focuses on streamlining online learning, teaching and tutoring. Whether you are an individual teacher or an educational institute, our solutions can be tailored to meet your needs. You can use one of the online portals to reach your audience or consult with us to have your own branded learning and teaching management system.

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Learning management system

All in one school automation

School Management System (SMS)

Our SMS (School Management System) is the most complete and robust school management system. We are the pioneer and leading schools ERP provider.

Our solution is the best school automation software product that facilitates all school users in a single place.

All in one examination automation

Examination Management System (EMS)

Online Exam Software , for conducting exams , you can use it for your college ,university or any other skill development institute.

our online educational Services

What we do

We are aimed at creating the most cost effective and productive online learning & teaching  management solutions.


20 years plus experience in both conventional and online learning management systems .

Your Own Branded LMS

Our team can build Learning Management Systems for your own, we promise the most cost effective solution.

Examination Management System

Experience our fully functional demo, and let us implement the same for your school.

Free Onvimeet LMS

The individuals and organizations can start using our Learning Management Systems for free from today.

School Management System

Experience our fully functional demo, and let us implement the same for your school.

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